Do you know how engaged your employees are?

Your Workplace Today

Your employees show up at the office or to their zoom meetings on time, complete their work to acceptable standard, and don’t really give you any problems. So all is good, right? 

Not so fast…while on the surface it may appear that your office is humming along and you are working towards your goals, you realize that just because things appear okay, employee turnover is a real issue and it’s something that could impact your business.

Employee Engagement 

Though turnover is an issue for “other companies”, you don’t think it will be an issue for you. You feel your company is a pretty nice place to work and that you and other managers treat your employees with respect. You see your employees around the lunchroom, join them for the Friday foosball tournament and even host the occasional happy hour. You feel like you would know if they were unhappy or wanting to leave, but do you really know how engaged your employees are?

Understanding Employee Engagement 

When you look at staff engagement, it is critical to understand that attendance does not translate to engagement. Employee engagement is the overall relationship between the organization and an employee. At a fundamental level, an engaged employee will be enthusiastic about their work and committed to advancing the goals of their organization, while a disengaged employee will do the minimum to get by and may be considering leaving the organization.

Fortunately, employers have the ability to drive employee and team engagement through proactive activities like effective job design, creating career advancement pathways and ensuring equitable treatment.

The challenge is most employees don’t feel comfortable providing candid feedback to their organizations and employers remain unsure of their level of employee engagement. To see how your organization can measure the level of employee engagement, schedule a pressure free demo of WorkFeel today.