Why Employee Engagement is Important

As a manager you want to run the best workplace you can, where employees feel valued and want to go the extra mile, but you know it’s not always easy to know how engaged your employees are. Even if you knew how engaged your employees are, do you know why employee engagement is important?

Employee Engagement as a Business Driver

An organization with a high level of team engagement can achieve excellence. Here are some of the ways highly engaged employees can drive the success of your business;

Improve productivity and efficiency

Ever had a situation where someone had to pull a late night or work through lunch to get a project out the door on time? That someone was probably a highly engaged employee. How about a situation where you just needed someone to sit down, focus and push through a big project in a short amount of time, efficiently working away without checking their smartphone, chit chatting with friends, or taking extended “coffee breaks”?; again you would probably recall one of your most engaged employees getting the job done. You see highly engaged employees are committed to the success of their employers and these employees exhibit the behaviors which consistently drive productivity and engagement.

Reduce Staff Turnover

It’s a fact that engaged employees stay longer at their organizations longer. When you keep employees on board you reduce turnover and all the costs associated with it including the costs to recruit, onboard and train a new employee. Conservative estimates put these costs at 30% of an employees’ annual salary.

Retain customers at a Higher Rate

Engaged employees take care of customers. In fact, the Aberdeen group noted that organizations with highly engaged employees enjoy 233% greater customer loyalty than those without. Your highly engaged employees will deliver a higher level of effort to solving customer problems, retain a greater amount of product knowledge, and work towards the win-win solution.

Achieve Higher Profits

You work hard to drive the bottom line. Engaged employees can be your secret weapon to get even better results. From the money you’ll save on recruitment costs to the time and money saved by more efficient employees, engaged employees will help you reduce expenses. Furthermore, engaged employees will drive your revenue through retaining and deepening customer relationships. With revenue up and expenses down you’ll be on the fast track to unbeatable profitability.

Join us next week when we will outline why WorkFeel is your best option for increasing employee engagement.